Are They Dupes: Maybelline Brow Drama vs. Benefit Gimme Brow


Hey babes!

When I do my makeup, I definitely prefer to stick with soft brows (no carving here thx) and I usually get that done with Benefit’s Gimme Brow – it fills and defines my brows just right. However, it’s pretty fucking expensive at $45 a pop! So, off I went in search of an alternative and the new Maybelline Brow Drama came across my radar.

Brow Drama sits at a comfortable $14.99 – so much kinder on the wallet from the get go. But could it really replace my beloved Gimme Brow?

The Gimme Brow brush is perfectly sized to fill and shape brows, and deposit the slightly dry, waxy product throughout for immaculately arched brows in one step. The shade Medium/Dark is perfect for me – it’s dark and cool toned enough to not look weird.

In comparison, the Brow Drama brush looks like some type of spikey club – the bristles under the initial round cluster have yet to touch my brows, and I feel that they never will. Unfortunately, the slightly unwieldy shape of the bristles don’t allow for as easy shaping and filling as Gimme Brow. Even though the Brow Drama has colour, it doesn’t fill brows as well as Gimme Brow. The formula is also much, much wetter than Gimme Brow. You can definitely feel the gel as it sets. However, Dark Brown is an excellent colour match for me – it’s very cool toned, unlike a lot of other brow products I have!

Unfortunately, these products aren’t exact dupes. I have to use a brow pencil (my go to lately has been Maybelline’s Brow Satin, $16.99. Review coming soon!) to fill my brows before using Brow Drama to set them. However, both of those together still cost less than one tiny-ass tube of Gimme Brow! For now, I’ll keep using the Maybelline products and only use the Gimme Brow on rush days to conserve what I’ve got left.

Have you tried either of these? What are your favourite brow products?

Lexie xx

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Sephora NZ* | Benefit Boutique | Smith & Caughey’s

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Farmers | Unichem Pharmacy
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