Lipstick Swatch & Review: Melt Cosmetics Dark Room + a DUPE!


Hi lovely readers,

Today’s post has long been in the making. I wanted Dark Room badly when it first released but missed out, and I was so stoked when I found out that Melt was re-releasing it!

Shipping was insanely quick. It came in a hilariously large box for such a tiny item, and I didn’t even get one of those cute mini lipstick keychains! Not going to lie, I was probably looking forward to that just as much as I was to the actual lipstick. I upended my box looking for it, and I don’t think I got one. *sad trombone*

The packaging is sleek, black soft touch plastic and comes in an embossed box. My lipstick was slightly misaligned in the tube, but not badly – it’s only visible when compared side-by-side with other lipsticks. I think it may have melted slightly in our summer heat. I bought Dark Room knowing full well I had similar colours in my collection (which I adore) so I thought I’d grab the closest ones for a quick comparison.

L-R: NYX Copenhagen, MAC Rebel, Melt Dark Room, MAC Fashion Revival

I’ve depotted Rebel and Fashion Revival into LE packaging, so please don’t comment that they’re fake because they’re not in black packaging! (It’s super annoying when people do this, so please don’t). The only one not pictured above is the NYX Deep Purple Slim Lip pencil.

I only included Deep Purple because it’s the lipliner that I use for pretty much all these colours, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it perfectly matched Dark Room! The little swatch below dark room in the above photo is Deep Purple, and I’ve done a comparison swatch of both below. Copenhagen is a touch more red, and both Rebel & Fashion Revival are a little too pink.

They’re pretty much identical – so if you’ve been searching for a dupe/perfect lipliner match, grab Deep Purple!

Deep Purple by itself

Deep Purple is a little patchy by itself, but it makes a nice base for all of the colours I mentioned above.
Deep Purple + Dark Room

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the happiest with Dark Room’s formula. It had more tug than I was used to and settled into my lip lines pretty quickly. It did have minimal transfer, and didn’t bleed when I wore it. You can see in the above photo that I should have exfoliated my lips beforehand, so I definitely recommend doing that before wearing this lipstick.

Have you tried any Melt Cosmetics lipsticks? Or their eyeshadow stacks? 
Lexie xx
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  1. Thanks Hao! Yeah, I'd love to try their eyeshadow stacks but they're definitely not as high on my wishlist as some other products are. I knew I wasn't the only one when it came to buying lipsticks all in like one colour hahaha

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