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Hi lovelies!

In December, I purchased the Eleanor Dorn Eye Set, a handy brush kit including 6 eye brushes and a storage cylinder for $80. Firstly, I love the appearance of the brushes – they have black handles and glossy black ferrules, with ‘Eleanor Dorn’ embossed on one side and the brush number embossed on the other side in gold. The black and gold colour scheme is just so classy, and it’s nice to have brushes that aren’t the standard silver ferrule with black handle. The black and gold also extends to the storage cylinder – it’s black with Eleanor Dorn Makeup embossed on the top in gold. I actually really, really like the storage cylinder as well – it’s great for travel, and while you can use the two halves as brush holders, I prefer to keep all of my eye brushes inside the closed cylinder to protect them from dust. All of these brushes are natural bristle brushes, save for the Brow Brush.

#7 Tapered Crease Brush for contouring and blending eyeshadow
A small, slightly tapered brush with black bristles. It’s soft and dense, and is just the right size for my eye crease. $16

#9 Medium Fluff Brush for applying all over eyeshadow
This brush reminds me quite a lot of the MAC 239 – both are flat, rounded brushes designed for packing colour onto the lid. It’s soft, yet firm in exactly the right way. It’s the same width as the 239, but slightly shorter and slightly less firm. $15

#10 Shader Brush for applying all over eyeshadow.
 Definitely not as firm as the Medium Fluff brush. I’ve been using this for eyeshadow primer so far. Looks a lot like the Wayne Goss #18 brush, however I don’t have both to compare. $16

#14 Small Fluff Brush for contouring eyeshadow.
This brush is small, soft yet quite firm. Lately, I’ve been using this to apply an inner corner highlight – it’s the perfect size! $14

#15 Angled Liner Brush for eyeliner, eyeshadow and brow gel application.
This has been my go-to gel eyeliner brush! It’s a bit larger than the brush I was using before (Crown C160 1/8″ Angle Liner) but still allows me to draw a sharp, opaque line. $14

#18 Brow Brush use to brush brows before and after filling brows
Also known as a spoolie brush. This is perfect for brushing brows into shape, and blending product into brows for a more natural look. I use this pretty much every day  – even if I’m not wearing brow makeup, it tidies my brows really well. $14

This set is SUCH great value for $80! Above, you can see that I’ve listed the individual prices for the brushes – I do think that these brushes are well-priced, especially considering that the price includes free Courier delivery nationwide. Purchased separately, the value of these brushes adds up to $89. When you add the value of the storage cylinder ($22), that shoots up to $111. That’s $31 that you get to keep (and spend on other makeup)! Another thing to consider is that purchasing the set means you only pay around $9 for each brush – for me personally, this was a big draw to the set. I’m also happy to report that I haven’t experienced any shedding or loss of shape – I’ve washed them a few times now, and they have held up really well, unlike some other brushes that fell apart the first time I used them. These are some really nice quality natural fibre brushes at a really great price point – I’ve actually purchased another Eleanor Dorn brush because I was so happy with these. You’ll see a full review of it on the blog soon!

These brushes are available nationally and internationally from Eleanor Dorn.com. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates and tutorials!

Have you heard of these makeup brushes? What are your favourite makeup brushes to use?

Lexie xx

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