Review: Furless Cosmetics Couture Body Contour Brush Kit


Hi lovelies,

Furless Cosmetics generously sent me this luxurious brush kit for review, and I’ve had a great time putting the brushes through their paces. While the brush kit is labelled as a Body Contour Kit, I’ve found quite a few other applications for them.

All of the brushes are made of 100% synthetic fibres, and are full and soft to the touch. From the largest to the smallest they are simply labelled as BC1, BC2, and so on. I really love the black on black design – black handles and black ferrules together just look so classy. I also really like that the handles taper to a point, however I found this a little tricky when drying them on my brush tree. Just because the handle fits doesn’t mean the brush head will! 
I loved the feel of these brushes on my face – I never realised how scratchy my old Crown powder brush was until I started using the BC1/BC2 as powder brushes. They’re so soft and luxurious and pick up just the right amount of product. I found that the BC2 was just too big to use as a blush brush, but I’m sure it would be a fantastic bronzing brush.
I actually really liked the BC3 as a highlighting brush! It’s slightly larger than the brush I normally use for highlighter (pictured below), but still worked fantastically well. The smallest brush, the BC4, was honestly my favourite of them all. It’s small size makes it perfect for setting undereye concealer, or brushing away excess powder after baking your makeup.

I did find that their dark colour bled a little, resulting in grey water when I washed them for the first time. However, I think that’s pretty normal when washing dark/black brushes for the first time. The only bone I have to pick is that pricing is a little steep for synthetic brushes, IMO – individually, the prices range from AUD$19.99-29.99, and as a kit it costs AUD$99.99 from the Furless Cosmetics website. Despite that, these brushes are fantastic and have definitely found a place in my daily makeup routine!

I found out that Furless is running a Buy-One-Get-One promo on the entire Body Contour and Must Have Pro range until June 15th AEST – bargain!

Have you tried Furless Cosmetics? What are your favourite synthetic brushes?

Lexie xx

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