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Hey babes,

A little while ago I was generously sent 3 products from up and coming brand Sahasra Beauty for my honest review. I received the Glycolic Acid Toner, Multani Mitti Clay Mask, and Natural Jelly. Sahasra Beauty is based out of the United States with a focus on holistic and natural beauty.

I do love the minimalist labelling of the products and the lack of extra packaging, which reduces waste (always a thumbs up in my opinion!). The only thing that I would suggest is instructions for each of the products, suggesting different ways to use it. Some of this information is available on the Sahasra Beauty website, but to be honest I am not going to go online every time I want to figure out how to use a product.

Glycolic Acid Toner
I was excited to try the Glycolic Toner as who doesn’t love Glycolic Acid for giving them clear, glowy and radiant skin? Sahasra Beauty’s toner in particular is made with Sweet Orange Hydrosol, which lends the toner with a very sweet orangey scent. Some people would prefer this to the natural smell of glycolic acid, but I personally found it a little overpowering. I could still smell it on my face after I had progressed to the next steps in my skincare routine, which I got sick of pretty quickly. As I’m on tretinoin, I only used this twice a week to avoid over-exfoliating my skin. I applied this by pouring a small amount into my hands and patting gently all over my face. Using a cotton pad with acids irritates my skin very quickly, so with this method I’m able to benefit from using an acid without over stimulating my skin. I found that my skin was always super smooth the morning after using this, and overall I really enjoyed using it except for the lingering orange smell. 4/5 from me!

Multani Mitti Clay Mask
This is the first kind of mask that I have tried where it comes as a powder, and you choose what liquid to mix it with. Going back to my point before, I wish it came with suggestions on the back of what to mix it with rather than having to google it. I ended up mixing it with a rosewater toner. It was pretty fun to mix up and apply, and oil-spotted as it dried (I love when masks do this, it makes it feel like it’s actually doing something lol). My skin was definitely less oily and very smooth after using this. I didn’t feel any stinging or discomfort while using this, but for about two days after I experienced stinging around my chin mouth area. I can pretty accurately attribute it to this mask, as it was the only new thing I had tried prior to the stinging/irritation. I would not recommend this for those with sensitive skin due to this. 3/5 from me.

Natural Jelly
I really enjoyed using the Natural Jelly as a lip treatment/lip balm! I love that it’s such a generous tub – definitely enough to multipurpose as a cuticle treatment, dry skin treatment, etc. I preferred it as a lip treatment for the tingly, peppermint effect. The only issue I had with it was sometimes it would crystallise a little bit, and I would be left with tiny rough bits to rub into my lips. The tiny bits would melt down fairly quickly, but I would just really like something that is smooth from the get-go. This gets a 4/5 from me!

Overall, I would give these a 3.5/5 due the individual issues I had with these and the lack of instructional packaging.

What new brands have you tried lately?

A xx

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