SkinFactory Premium Morning Recipe 3-Step Review


Hi, friends!

SkinFactory kindly sent me a curious little product to review called the Morning Recipe 3-Step Mask. It’s an entire Kbeauty routine in one packet (except for sunscreen), with really cute, descriptive names for each step. 

Step 1 is the Morning Cloud Foam Cleanser, which once squeezed out of the packet, literally looks like a cloud. It foams easily and left my face clean without being stripping. It smelt really strongly of passionfruit which could be a bit off-putting for some.

Step 2 is the Dual Morning Pad, which is a double sided pad loaded with a hydrating essence. One side of the pad has lots of tiny smooth knobs to gently exfoliate at first, and then you switch it to the other side to help pat in the essence. The knobs were so gentle on my face and left it super smooth. The essence wasn’t strongly scented at all and absorbed into my skin very easily. 

Step 3, the final step, was my favourite of all three. The moisturiser has a light, sherbet texture which absorbed into my skin beautifully and left my skin SUPER glowy without being greasy. It also smelled of passionfruit, but this scent disappeared quickly.

Overall, it left my skin soft and hydrated. I was also a bit sick at the time I tried this and it didn’t burn or irritate the raw skin around my nose like other products tend to do. 

I really liked the overall result on my skin, but I’m not really sure I get the concept of having a whole routine in one packet. Sure, it’s great for travel, but what if I only really like one thing in the system? I would TOTALLY buy jars and jars of the moisturiser if it came on its own, but sadly it doesn’t. 

This gets a 2.8/5 from me. 

Have you tried any multi-step products like this?

Lexie xx

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