Maybelline Master Fix Setting Spray Review


As a recent convert to the power of setting sprays (thank you Urban Decay De-Slick!) I was super excited for the new launch of the Maybelline Master Fix Setting Spray. The Setting Spray comes in a generous 100ml size, too.

The spray only claims to keep makeup in place. I’d like my fellow oily-skinned girls to note that it doesn’t claim to mattify or control oil, HOWEVER, I have found a way to get it to do just that. I tried it three different ways to see how I could get the best results – over makeup, under makeup, and sprayed on my makeup sponge.

Maybelline Master Fix Setting Spray Review

The first method (the recommended method according to the instructions) does work pretty well. The only thing I dislike is that for some reason, the spray decides to sit on all my little tiny facial hairs (don’t pretend like you don’t have them!) and I have to pat the spray in so I don’t look like I have a weird fuzzy lil beard. This isn’t an issue I’ve had with other setting sprays. HOWEVER, after patting that down, my face does look pretty flawless and blended together and ready for the day. I still get oily about 4 hours into my day, but again – it’s not an oil control product. As a glasses-wearer, my glasses disturb my makeup on my cheeks just below my eyes quite a lot. Using a setting spray has completely stopped this – Maybelline included.

The second method I tried was spraying it all over my face as a priming step BEFORE base makeup. I actually really enjoyed this, as it made blending foundation super easy and my skin looked extra flawless. The second thing I really liked was that this method actually kept my skin matte for about 6 hours! This was a really nice surprise, and I’ll definitely use this method for when I need that extra oil control oomph.

The third method was pretty meh to be honest – there wasn’t a significant benefit when spraying it straight on my makeup sponge.

Here’s a quick peek at the ingredients list:

Aqua, Alcohol Denat., PVP, Dimethicone PEG-7 Phosphate, Phenoxyethanol, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, PPG-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate, Poloaxemer 406, Isononyl Isononanoate, Ethylhexyl Isononanoate, Sodium Cocamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Parfum/Fragrance

Overall, this gets a 4.5 from me. I think it performs well and is decently sized for the pricepoint its at. I also love that I’ve ‘hacked’ it into giving me matte skin, but having to pat in a fuzzy spray beard every single use is a little annoying…

Have you tried this? What’s your favourite setting spray?

Lexie xx

rating scale
1 – Terrible: Negative effects on skin.
2 – Mediocre: No change in skin/claims not met.
3 – Average: Performs as expected.
4 – Good: Would repurchase unless I try something better. 
5 – Amazing: Meets trifecta of perfect packaging, formula, & cost.

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