Review: OXX Liquid Eyeliner from Kmart


Hi doves!

NB: My opinion on this has changed since I initially posted this review.

Edit 01/10/15:
Hi everyone, just making a tiny edit as my opinion has changed on this product. After I first reviewed it, I figured I would just keep it as a product to use on days when my angled brushes for my gel eyeliner were dirty. However… It took me forever to get around to cleaning my brushes, and this product quickly became my go-to. It doesn’t irritate me anymore (I’m not sure why), and it lasts MUCH better on my lids, even with primer than my gel eyeliner.

I was in Kmart the other day and thought I would try a brand that I’ve heard about all over social media, OXX. Everything from OXX costs only $3 and at that price I figured I didn’t have much to lose by trying their liquid eyeliner.

The eyeliner comes in a 6ml tube with a brush applicator. The packaging is pretty tamper-proof; it would be extremely easy to tell if someone has opened or tried to open the box to get to the product. As far as I know, black is the only colour that it comes in. Unfortunately, it’s not a waterproof formula, but lasts well throughout the day when used with a primer.

I love that it’s a true black as well – too often have I found that some liquid eyeliners are some kind of watery grey black crap instead of a proper black formula. That said, it has seemed to thicken since I first opened it and the product seems a little less opaque because of this. However, this is pretty easily fixed by going over the area again. Unlike other liquid eyeliners that get picked up by the brush again when going over for a second time, this doesn’t do that at all and can easily be built to 100% opacity.

Single pass on the two straight lines, still drying.

Totally dry, and the two straight lines have been gone over with another coat. One of the only issues that I have with this product is that I sometimes get product on my lashes, but that’s user error. The other more significant issue is that this eyeliner actually burns my skin when I apply it… So yeah…

I wouldn’t say that I have particularly sensitive skin, but something in this really doesn’t agree with the thin, delicate skin on my eyelids. This only seems to be an issue when the eyeliner is actually drying though – once it’s dried, it’s fine. I threw away the packaging, so I went to Kmart again to get a sneaky ingredients list photo… I’m totally at a loss as to which ingredient I’m reacting to.

So unfortunately, I can’t recommend this product because of this issue, and I pretty much only use it when it’s my last option (when all of my angled eyeliner brushes are dirty!). It is such a shame that it is irritating to apply because it’s such a great product otherwise at a FANTASTIC price!

Have you tried any of the OXX range?

Lexie xx

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