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Hi lovelies,

I was recently sent a handy little tool called the Vera Mona Color Switch Duo. The Color Switch is a neat little sponge that helps to take eyeshadow quickly and easily off of your makeup brush so you can move on to a different colour. The Duo has a smaller, white sponge in the middle which you can dampen before applying eyeshadow to give it more oomph.

You’ll definitely be able to tell that my CS is pretty well-loved by the eyeshadow residue in the photos – one of the things I really like about it is that you can just flip it over when the other side is dirty! When it’s obviously too gross to keep flipping over, you can remove the sponge to wash and air dry using a gentle soap. I used my trusty baby shampoo and it worked perfectly.

All you are meant to do is gently swish your brush around on the Color Switch when you’re ready to move on to your next color. I prefer to do this in a sort of slow windshield wiper motion as opposed to circles, just to preserve the shape of my brushes.

I do find that it works extremely well for most colours, however black does like to linger and may take a few more swipes to get out than other colours.

Something else to note is that it does leave the brush with a little bit of a ‘stain’, like in the above photo. It doesn’t seem to affect the colour used afterwards, and comes off with baby shampoo.

Overall, I do find that this is handy when using eyeshadow brushes – I don’t have that many different brushes so I do need to swap colours on them quickly and easily, which the CS does for me reasonably well.

Have you tried any Vera Mona products?

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Lexie xx

Products in this post were provided to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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